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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rush?

Rush is a week-long series of events during which our chapter is able to meet, engage with, and recruit potential members. This is also a time for rushees to learn more about what Delta Sigma Pi has to offer and get to know all the active brothers. We hold rush twice a year - the beginning of fall semester and the beginning of spring semester. 

How much are dues?

While the dues vary each semester, you can expect to pay around $150 per semester. This number is made up from dues on the local and national level.

What is a bid?

A bid is an invitation to participate in the pledge program in order to eventually join the fraternity as an active member. 

What majors do you accept?

We accept all majors of the Haslam College of Business.

Can I be a member of another Greek organization and still join?

You can be a member of both a social fraternity/sorority and a professional fraternity.

Are all the recruitment events mandatory?

It is highly encouraged for you to attend all the recruitment events, although they are not mandatory. Rushees who are able to attend all the events have more opportunities to meet active brothers and leave a lasting impression.

If I don't get a bid, can I try to rush again?

Yes! We encourage you to reapply if you didn't get a bid. Some of our brothers have applied once, some have applied twice, and some have applied three times. 

What is business casual or business professional?

Business professional requires a full matching suit. For men, you must wear a button-down shirt and tie. For women, you must wear flats or low heels, and your skirt (should you choose to wear one) must not be too short or too tight. Business casual is very similar to business professional, but does not require a jacket.

What is the pledge process like?

Pledgeship in a five-week program (Spring 2024 dates TBDin which pledges learn more about the fraternity, what it means to be a brother, and prove their worth and dedication to brothers.

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