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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Delta Sigma Pi condemns racism, bigotry, hate, injustice, and brutality in all forms. We stand with all communities across the United States against the systemic racism that has resulted in centuries of inequality and discrimination.

We have great concern for the physical, psychological, and emotional safety and wellbeing of our members. Delta Sigma Pi was founded to provide opportunity for students of commerce who were unable to participate in other fraternities because of their identities. While at times in our 110+ year history our Fraternity has not always been welcoming to all students of commerce, our brotherhood has grown in strength as our membership has become increasingly diverse. But we can do better still. We have been examining how we can engage members in efforts to improve our internal diversity, equity, and inclusion education and practices.

Recent events are a reminder that our country has a lot of work to do to ensure justice for all people. They also are a reminder for us as Deltasigs to model the type of business and community leadership that uphold the values embodied in our Ritual. We encourage all brothers to engage in reflection and discussion on how we can individually and collectively do our part to ensure the world will be better because we dwell upon it.

Delta Sigma Pi Board of Directors and Central Office Staff

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